Offering our news and notes, and the miscellanea of the month, this is a space where we update our friends on where we’re at and what we’re up to. Read about our latest designs in our 'Design Deep Dive', plus check out our latest inspirations, both musical and visual, in our Radioma Mixtapes and 'Movies from around the world'. Enjoy! 

World Land Trust 2021

Fund Forests not Black Friday
26.11.21 - 30.11.21

Idioma's Forest Fund returns for a second year. No Black Friday, no discounts. It’s simply not sustainable! This weekend from 12:00am Friday until 12:00am Tuesday we’re donating 10% of sales to World Land Trust to help purchase protect the worlds remaining forests, and ensure they stay forests forever.This year our focus moves to Belize and the Maya Forest home to Central America’s largest surviving population of jaguars? 

Idioma Exhibition AW21

We’re turning 10 and finally arriving at our first exhibition and we’d love it if you could join us and celebrate this momentous occasion by sinking a glass or two and perusing our latest Autumn & Winter Clothing Collection. With Fine art prints, original artworks & Full AW21. Come Meet the Designers and rest of the Idioma Team on Wednesday 10th November 6-9pm at Hackney Downs Studios, London, E8 2BT

World Land Trust

Forest Fundraising

In November 2020, you joined us in fundraising for World Land Trust and supporting their plan to preserve endangered ecosystems around the world, acre by acre. The deal was that 10% of all sales from Idioma’s ‘Black Friday’ business would go to WLT, and we are thrilled to share with you the real world achievements…

Aoye Deep Dive

Design Deep Dive: Áo Yè

This time around Idioma explains the origins of our “Áo Yè 熬夜” design, a saying taken from Mandarin Chinese and roughly equivalent to ‘burning the midnight oil’.

The Gift Of Gaia

The Gift of Gaia

It’s late in 2020 and Jennifer Wood is looking up at the wrinkles of a limestone face. Not the first, not the last, she has been drawn to this specific spot on the northwestern side of Kalymnos, a Greek island, for one thing: to rock climb.

World Land Trust - Black Friday

Fund Forests not Black Friday
27.11.20 - 01.12.20

Introducing Idioma's Forest Fund. No Black Friday, no discounts. It’s simply not sustainable! This weekend from 12:00am Friday until 12:00am Tuesday we’re donating 10% of sales to World Land Trust to help purchase protect the worlds remaining forests, and ensure they stay forests forever.

Ra Image

Design Deep Dive 'Sun Ra'

Idioma invokes the Ancient Egyptian deity, Ra, god of the Sun, in this latest piece of design dreaminess… Ra is the creator, king of the kings, a human and hawk, a ram rutting and a beetle scuttling. Connected and commanding, joining forms and forces, Ra requires our respect.

Gaia Deep Dive

Design Deep Dive 'Gaia'

This design is one close to all of our hearts, so here’s an overdue slice of Idioma introspection for the Journal… “Gaia”, Greek for “Earth”, the name given to a long-suffering Greek goddess who has presided over and personified our planet through mythology to modern day. 

Balatapa Jacket

Design Deep Dive 'Balatapa' 

Through the keyhole for a peak at the process, Idioma opens up about the “balatapa” design — celebrating the Sanskrit phrase for ‘the heat of the morning sun’ - and what it means to us. A compound, bāla - ātapa blends the ideas of youth and light, and in doing so suggests the slow release of energy that we and the waking world need.

The Overview

Think for a second that you are not bound to the ground, but given some perspective and a vantage point from outside, above and around. What do you feel, and how do you deal with it? 

Movies From Around The World

Call it a video club, a feed reel of the subbed and the dubbed, a space where we share with you some of our favourite feature films from around the globe.

Radioma - Mixtape
#001 (Autumn)

The distant sounds, the grooves and grinds, a playlist of all the pieces that move our minds. This is Idioma’s new regular feature, a safe place to bring together tracks and artists that we love, and share them with you too.

Design Deep Dive 
'L'appel du Vide'

Idioma takes you through the thinking and the feelings behind another one of our popular prints, “l’appel du vide”, a French phrase describing “the call of the void”…

Design Deep Dive

Wander alone, and think more. Solivagant: An emblem for the journey, where the highs and lows are uniquely yours.

Plant a Seed 
'Covid 19'

Now is the time. Plant a seed. Cultivate your mind, your garden and your soul. This design takes its inspiration from the Sanskrit word "Bhavana" meaning to Cultivate.

Design Deep Dive
'Peace be the Journey'

One of Idioma's first products was a t-shirt with the simple message, "Peace be the Journey".
This design dive looks at the latest concept to come out of Idioma HQ.

The Insider’s
Guide to Multilingualism

An Interview with the Superpolyglotbros Matthew and Michael Youlden are identical twins from Manchester with a super power — they are fluent in 11 languages and have knowledge of more than 20.

The Secret Life of
Your Donated Clothes

Ever wondered what happened to that old, but once stylish, shirt you donated to your local charity shop?
It is always assumed that people who shop at charity shops buy the clothes we donate.