Radíōma Mixtape
Summer 2023

The distant sounds, the grooves and grinds, a playlist of all the pieces that move our minds. We're back and this time proudly introducing Idioma’s Summer Mixtape 2023. Taking you on a global adventure of sounds and inspirations from Idioma HQ. 

With this, the soundtrack to our latest designs, we want you to cross continents and feel at home.So many cultures, countries and collectives to be embraced and enjoyed, and all you have to do is listen. Plug in, sit back and join Idioma's mixtape, the station of nations.

Future Utopia,
Children of the Internet, Ezra Collective 

Lafayette Afro Rock Band, Ozan koukle Remastered

Michou, Maloya Ton Tisane

Qendresa, Don't Stop

Nubiyan Twist,

The RH Factor, Poetry,
Erykah Badu, Q-tip, The RH Factor