Radioma Mixtape

The distant sounds, the grooves and grinds, a playlist of all the pieces that move our minds. This is Idioma’s regular feature, a safe place to bring together tracks and artists that we love, and share them with you too. We don’t understand it all, couldn’t possibly, but we fall over ourselves to impress nonetheless.

With this, the soundtrack to our newest designs, we want you to cross continents and feel at home. So many cultures, countries and collectives to be embraced and enjoyed, and all you have to do is listen. Plug in, sit back and join Idioma's mixtape, the station of nations.

Elza Soares,
Avenida Iluminada 

Yumi Matsutoya,

Altin Gün, 
Goca Dünya

Ezra Collective,
Live Strong

Jayda G,
Both of us

Russo Passapusso,
Vapor de Cachoeira