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Design Deep Dive: Bayanihan

Bayanihan is a deeply-rooted Filipino value that has been passed down through generations. It is the spirit of communal unity, cooperation, and mutual help, where everyone works together towards a common goal.

Bayanihan has been a guiding light for Filipinos, especially in times of crisis and adversity. It is a way of life that embodies resilience, strength, and compassion. At Idioma, we are inspired by this beautiful concept and seek to honour it through this design.

The characters in the ancient Tagalog script spelling Bayanihan represent this timeless value, as they depict a group working together in unison to move a friend's house.

Bayanihan Patch T-shirt

"Just as one thread of a fabric is weak and easily broken, so are we when we are alone. But together, we form a beautiful and strong tapestry." -

Filipino Proverb

The term "Bayanihan" comes from the word "bayani," which means "hero" or "heroic," and it reflects the idea that by working together, people can achieve great things and overcome challenges. Maybe somewhere here is a lesson for us all.

Within the community, we can move houses, politics, and maybe even mountains?

Bayanihan T-shirt

At Idioma, we believe that design is more than just aesthetics. It is a tool to tell stories, to connect with people, and to inspire change. Through this design, we hope to spread the message of Bayanihan and encourage everyone to work together towards a brighter future. 

Our Bayanihan design is availabe as a patch t-shirt in Pacific blue and printed t-shirt in Luzon Green. 

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