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Design Deep Dive #1: Rìchū

Early morning sunrise in Kabak, Turkey


Instructions for use

1. Find a quiet spot at dawn.

2. Sit with the moment.

3. Breathe. 



Introducing... Rìchū 日出


Over the next 5 weeks we'll be taking a deeper look into the latest designs we're releasing this summer, starting with one of our favourites: Rìchū 日出.

With this design, we wanted to capture the beauty of the sunrise from Mount Tai in Shandong province. We would love for you to take this sweatshirt somewhere quiet at the break of dawn and breathe in the shapes, the colours, the light. 

Using just two colours, this is one of the simplest of our latest collection. An inverted sun sits above the lines of an unknown ocean. Rìchū translates to "sunrise" in both Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese, relating both languages with one of simplest and beautiful moments of the human experience.


Seth, Designer & Director of Idioma, says the design is inspired by a recent reflection he had in Kabak, Turkey: 

"After a rude awakening from some particularly feisty mosquitos, the sunrise across the Turkish Mediterranean brought a clarity to the early morning. I began wondering who else would be awake to see this sun, and who had seen it before us. My mind went to the Eastern side of China where Rìchū is a daily occurrence. Now this design represents the falling light on Shandong in the early morning."

Available as a full print t-shirt, pocket print t-shirt, cropped hoodie for girls, and a unisex sweatshirt; the sunrise can be with you whatever the weather.

Explore the full Rìchū collection here, or see all of Idioma's Summer '18 releases here.


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