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“porque para andar conmigo me bastan mis pensamientos.” 
“for walking by myself, my thoughts are enough”
- Lope de Vega



Here we are again with a peek behind the curtain, the latest from our widening wardrobe and our growing vocabulary, this time featuring our design “solivagant” meaning “one who wanders alone”.

Combining the roots and routes of Latin in English, mashing together solo or solitary and vagabond or vagrant, solivagant is at once wistful and affirming….

Without the moments of wandering alone Idioma would never have travelled as far as this, so that led us to try and express the idea: a squiggle to show the way, through a landscape, and one viewer to take it all in.




“And don't spend your time lookin' around, for something
you want that can't be found”
- The Bare Necessities, The Jungle Book (Film 1967)




We need this time, this chance, the silence and the sanctuary. We need to explore, wander alone, and think more. Only in this way can we build resilience, empathy and respect for everything around us. 

Well-trodden paths or into the wilderness, it doesn’t matter. You might not arrive at a destination, and this t-shirt won’t necessarily get you there either, but that’s all part of the fun.




Solivagant: An emblem for the journey, where the highs and lows are uniquely yours.

Available as a Fine Art Print, Unisex T-shirt and Cropped T-shirt

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