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Design Deep Dive: L’appel du vide



The thinking and the feeling behind another one of our popular prints, “l’appel du vide”, a French phrase describing “the call of the void”. You’re on a ledge, high up. You look down, way down.

An impulse to leap rockets through you. But why now?



“El misterio es el elemento esencial en toda obra de arte.” / “Mystery is the essential element of every work of art.” according to Spanish film director Luis Buñuel



“The call of the void” is a mystery of psychological and philosophical urges towards self-destruction. A healthy but unexpected instinct to counter common sense with a spontaneous physical action.
The suggestive nature of the words, like the impulse, was just too much for us at Idioma to ignore. The sun beckoning, legs lifting skyward and the landscape far below. So we did what we do best, and made it into a design.



Idioma is obviously incapable of fathoming the riddles of our world. What we do know, however, is that life without them would be a rather dull experience.

We are, therefore, immensely proud of our impulses, mysterious and otherwise.

L’appel du vide: Is your head screwed on, or leading you on?


Available as a Fine Art Print and Unisex T-shirt.

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