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Eve wears the Peace be the Journey Cropped T-shirt



"Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home."
Matsuo Basho



One of Idioma's first products was a t-shirt with the simple message, "Peace be the Journey". As our journey progresses, so do the designs that we release each year. This latest design dive looks at the latest concept to come out of Idioma HQ.

Sometimes inspiration can come from unexpected places. This design was initially inspired by the word Caravanserai, a place of refuge for caravans, often along the Silk Road. Images of camels riding across the desert shortly followed, a romantic vision of the ultimate journey. 


PBTJ Sweat & Cropped T-Shirt 


This design also has a hidden message which can only be seen once the journey has begun. The back of each product shows the message "Peace be the Journey" rippled across the left side. This is a rare design with an English phrase from Idioma - we wanted to keep the message simple with a hint to something deeper.


Leaving good wishes whenever you walk away...


In our modern world we often have a million and one things to do at any given time. We're always pushing towards the next goal, place or moment in the future. We can think of life as a constant journey, happening immediately in every moment.



"There's nothing special about the present moment except that it's all we have"
Charles Genoud



After all, we're always heading towards somewhere new, even if it feels like we're not. So go in peace and enjoy the ride...


David wears PBTJ unisex t-shirt 


Peace be the Journey is available as a embroidered unisex sweatshirt, or printed unisex t-shirt and cropped t-shirt

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Bonus Fact

The tobogganing team in the film Cool Runnings famously stated that Cool Runnings, while a catchy team name, is also a Jamaican patois meaning "Peace be the Journey". We haven't been able to verify this phrase with any Jamaican friends just yet, but we love the message.  

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