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“Consciousness is only possible through change;
Change is only possible through movement.” 

― Aldous Huxley, The Art of Seeing



Introducing... Haraka Baraka 


For our second design deep dive this summer, we wanted to highlight a new design with a simple but important message. The Arabic idiom, "الحركة بركة (Haraka Baraka)" literally translates to "Movement is a blessing" in English. It is often used to express the health benefits of exercise, or the blessings that come with any activity. In a world often fragmented by borders, at Idioma we also like to see the freedom of movement as something broader and wider reaching.


Some initial sketches for the design


Haraka Baraka also pops up in a Swahili proverb, "Haraka haraka haina Baraka", translating to "Hurry hurry has no blessings". Here the proverb is all about an approach to life, with a calm, steady demeanour encouraged. The link from Africa to the Middle East shows that language is a deep root between countries and continents.

Idioma's take on this focusses on the energy at the starting block of a race. The explosive movement is captured in the design, with the English phonetic and Arabic versions of the phrase surrounding the composition.




الحركة بركة / Haraka Baraka


1. Movement is a Blessing


Movement is growth.

Movement is adventure.

Movement is opportunity.

Movement is a blessing which we want to celebrate with this design. Whether its from place to place or from day to day, we hope this t-shirt keeps you moving.


Haraka Baraka is available as a full print unisex T-shirt here. See all of Idioma's Summer '18 releases here.


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