Waggle Dance Print

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Dance language, or Waggle dance

In 1973 Karl Von Frisch received the Nobel Prize for his research on honey bees and his discovery of the Waggle Dance. 

The waggle dance is a remarkable behavior observed in honeybees, serving as a crucial means of communication among workers within the hive. Through intricate movements, a worker bee conveys crucial information about the distance, direction, and quality of nectar-rich flowers to her fellow bees.  

During the dance, the bee waggles in a back-and-forth motion while progressing in a straight path before circling back to repeat the sequence. The distance covered in the central segment, known as the waggle run, approximately indicates the distance to the flower patch. 

We don't need to tell you of the incredible nature of bees, but we hope this print will serve as a nice reminder of their intricacy and the wonders of the natural world as a whole.


• Giclée Fine Art Print on Hahnemuhle German Photorag Paper.

•  A3 Print 297 × 420 mm  

• Carbon Neutral Production 

• FSC® Certified Paper 


The product will ship flat in a rigid cardboard envelope. 

*Prints are made to order and non-refundable