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Bayanihan Cap

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Size: One Size
Color: India Ink





The spirit of communal unity, work and cooperation to achieve a particular goal.

Featuring the ancient Filipino script Tagalog. The characters spell Bayanihan and the design depicts a group working together in unison to move a friend's house.

Maybe somewhere here is a lesson for us all. Within the community, we can move houses, politics, and maybe even mountains?


  • 100% Cotton - Stonewashed
  • Soft Flexible Peak 
  • Unique 7-Panel Construction
  • Embroidered with responsibly sourced Rayon in the UK
  • Constructed in Turkey
  • One Size fits all, adjustable strap fastening

This cap has a slightly smaller fit than our usual cap. But our designer Seth's head is bigger than usual and it fits him :)

Please note that each garment has a unique finish due to the nature of the stone -washing process and so may be slightly different from the images shown.

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