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Save the Earth, save our souls

For this year’s ‘Black Friday’, Idioma will be donating 10% of sales (from 12am Friday 27th November until 12am Tuesday 1st December) to World Land Trust - - to secure squares and shares of land in threatened ecosystems. In this way, your fashion will be directly funding our futures: land, livelihoods and the languages tied to the terrain.

Industry vices and slashed prices

We, at Idioma, are driving at something different. We are not offering reductions simply because we overdo production. In fact, there are no reductions at all. We have other priorities.

This year we can all think differently. We can make a conscious decision to consume less but, at the same time, get more for our money. Let us explain...

We, the wardens, can protect nature and in doing so nurture our people and our cultures.

Languages are seeded and rooted to the land, fed and inspired by the features and the fields. And so, our conversation comes from the very ground around us. Without our lands, our speech patterns and profiles will, in time, perish.

So maybe, just maybe, if we can protect a place, pitch or plot, then there’s all the more chance the lives and languages inherent there will remain, self-maintain, grow and gain.

Idioma’s new partnership with World Land Trust and their ‘Buy an Acre’ initiative - - means that your purchase will directly support Fundacion Biodiversidad Argentina (FBA) to create the Chaco Taguá Biological Corridor in Cordoba Province (Argentina).

Credit: Tomás Waller / FBA - Cordoba Province

Photo Credit: Tomás Waller / FBA - Cordoba Province

The funds raised will protect Argentinian Dry Chaco habitat - where less than 5% of native forests remain - creating a corridor to link two existing protected areas and, therefore, extend the habitat of the endangered Chacoan Peccary (known locally as the chancho quimilero), along with the 229 species of birds, 35 mammal species and 43 species of amphibians and reptiles resident in the region. You can read more on the project here.

Chacoan Peccary - Marianela Velilla / Guyra.

Photo Credit: Marianela Velilla / Guyra. Chacoan Peccary 

Argentine Boa Constrictor - Tomás Waller

Photo Credit: Tomás Waller - Argentine Boa Constrictor

A part of the funds raised will also be distributed to the 'Keepers of the Wild' initiative - - where rangers, hired locally by WLT partners, act as the first responders in conservation, representing all of us in their respect and responsibility for the natural world.

More concern for that place of birth, that patch of earth.

Together we can help preserve the living land and the proud people that give meaning to it. If we can protect the grass and roots then with hopeful hearts we might find a fix for the future.

That is why Idioma will be donating 10% of proceeds from sales during the ‘Black Friday’ weekend (from 12am Friday 27th November until 12am Tuesday 1st December) to World Land Trust and their partners, to purchase land in endangered areas and provide local communities with the resources to preserve them.

Visit the Idioma shop today, consume carefully and purchase proudly.