Ra Gif

Design Deep Dive: Sun Ra

Idioma invokes the Ancient Egyptian deity, Ra, god of the Sun, in this latest piece of design dreaminess…

Ra is the creator, king of the kings, a human and hawk, a ram rutting and a beetle scuttling. Connected and commanding, joining forms and forces, Ra requires our respect.

Ra Sweat

“Odd how the creative power at once brings the whole universe to order” - Virginia Woolf, author

A thousand-year-old name known for giving, guiding and guardianship, we approach with awe. We long to know his secret words, to join his journeys across the horizon, to make myths to last millennia. Language, adventure and a long life creating, those are true targets for the Idioma team.

Ra Sweat

Iconographically iconic, Ra and his solar eye are a perfect fit for Idioma.

Sun Ra: Showing us the past and the path to come.

Available in our AW20 collection as a 6 panel cap, tote bag and organic sweatshirt

Ra Sketchbook