Our Story

Catching eyes and opening minds, Idioma is different. We produce ethical clothing where the designs are driven by world languages. In expression and approach, we aim to challenge, inspire, and encourage multiculturalism.

Based in the UK, Idioma is a family-run business: A designer and a language professor presenting conversations, cultures and curiosities from around the world.

Aspiring champions of worldly ways, we look to you as friends, fans and followers to push our passion for languages and fashion.

Our History

Launched in 2011, and starting out with a practical piece — a series of table mats in 5 languages — Idioma aimed to wedge world languages into the minds of the young and the young at heart. For us, right from day one, it was all about curiosity and culture and designs that deliver: languages for life.

Not long later, we formed and defined the first of Idioma’s clothing lines. Inspired by the richest phrases, forms and ideas from cultures all over we created prints to pull you in and teach you words from the world, designs to draw the eye and culture to connect. Our version of cause and effect.

Online and in-store, Idioma relies on an incredible international following, adding likes, languages and love to our business of fair and fruitful fashion. We value the material as part of the message and so by committing completely to ethical and respectful practices throughout production, we look forward, driven and focused, to realizing our ultimate aim: an international brand with a cultural and social purpose.

To that end, we thank you for reading and taking part. You mean the world to us, and with your continued support we hope to bring more of the world to you.