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Gaia Gif

Design Deep Dive: Gaia

This design is one close to all of our hearts, so here’s an overdue slice of Idioma introspection for the Journal…

“Gaia”, Greek for “Earth”, the name given to a long-suffering Greek goddess who has presided over and personified our planet through mythology to modern day.

‘Gaia Hypothesis’, the title of Lovelock and Margulis’s theory that our planet is a single active and adaptive self-sustaining organism.

Gaia Hood

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” - Talmudic saying

With these ideas weighing on the brain, Idioma wondered at a suitable response. A design of simplicity representing a complexity we can’t comprehend? And so, behold our planet, front and centre! And the six puzzle piece ingredients we consider key for life: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Language and Culture. 

Gaia Tee

Aware that these elements combine and contrast, as continental plates merging, diverging, we see our planet as the sum of the whole. We have to take ownership and responsibility. Gaia has allowed us so many false starts, false flags and false friends. And all those billions of years to bring us to this point, to the brink?

Our role is to protect and preserve our spaces, to honour in the ways we can, the ways we know, and to learn new tricks to treat our planet fairly. We are part of the system, it’s time we started acting like it!

Gaia: Our planet.

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