Orders to the EU can be divided into 2 basic groups subject to different possible handling costs.

Group 1: Duties Paid at Checkout (IOSS)

  • Value of order is under £130 / €150 VAT / MOMS / IVA / TVA will be charged at checkout
  • Idioma Ltd will transfer your taxes to the EU via a system call IOSS
  • No further duties or Taxes will be due in your country

Any request for further payment of any duty or tax in the receiving country is wrong and should be contested. 

Group 2: Payment of Duties in the EU
  • Value of order is over £130 / €150 VAT / MOMS / IVA / TVA will not be charged at checkout
  • You will be required to make payment in your own country prior to delivery of goods (the courier will contact you about this)

For goods will a value of over €150 customs duties will apply in addition to import VAT (at country-specific rates) Each national customs authority charges a different rate and we cannot advise on this.

For more general shipping information click the link below:

We cannot be responsible for a customer changing their mind once we have shipped the order. In such cases, the cost of the shipping charge will be deducted from a refund and possibly in addition to a handling fee.

We are deeply unhappy about the UK’s exit from the EU, believing as ever ourselves as fully European. We greatly appreciate your support and business thus far, and are working towards a better solution that keeps us connected with our European friends.

If you have any questions about the above information please contact us at:

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