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Design Deep Dive: Balatapa

Through the keyhole for a peak at the process, Idioma opens up about the “balatapa” design — celebrating the Sanskrit phrase for ‘the heat of the morning sun’ - and what it means to us.

A compound, bāla - ātapa blends the ideas of youth and light, and in doing so suggests the slow release of energy that we and the waking world need.

From the easternmost point the tide of morning comes in. Awake, afresh, anew, a revolution of light swells against the night. The sun with slightest fingertips, surges forwards, soaring and exploring.

Those first sunbeams melt like butter, delicious and delicate. See the blades of grass burnished, see the sunflowers earnest. Photosynthesis plays there on the rays, making formula for flora and fauna.

Sun Trap GreenBlue and Green Suntrap

“There’s something I’m finding out as I’m aging — that I’m in love with the world.” - from the last interview with Belgian illustrator and author Maurice Sendak.

Idioma’s design pays homage to the pleasure, simple and soulful, of seeing the sun and warming to another day. Safe in the knowledge that sunlight restores and recharges everything around us, we bask in the glow.

Balatapa Print

So, with the shiver of the last shadows retreating, join us as we pay our respects, our dues amongst the dew. Plants and people alike, limbs stretching, reaching and growing.

Balatapa: Life kicks into gear.

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