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Khonsu T-shirt

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Size: Xsmall
Color: Luna White




Khonsu / خونسو 


1. God of the Moon

Khonsu (خونسو) is an ancient Egyptian deity, considered to be the God of the Moon. The name "Khonsu" in Arabic (خونسو) reflects the cultural influence and historical connections between ancient Egypt and the Arabic-speaking world.

In Egyptian mythology, Khonsu was associated with the moon's cycles and was believed to govern the passage of time at night. The name "Khonsu" itself translates to "traveller" in reference to the moon's journey across the night sky.

This design features the Arabic and hieroglyphics for Khonsu.



  • Designed and printed with love in London, England
  • Print on back and front
  • 180 GSM - Mid Weight Super Soft Organic Cotton
  • Made in Bangladesh in a Fairwear Factory


  • Norpell is 189CM with a Chest of 92.5cm he wears a Large
  • Miriam is 177cm, size 8 and wears an XS

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