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6 Panel - Sun Ra (Nero)

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Size: One Size
Color: Nero



This cap features ancient Egyptian symbols representing worship of the Sun god Ra.

The choice of ancient hieroglyph symbols pays homage to and salutes the Sun, which has provided abundant energy and warmth since the dawn of time. This Cap sings to the Sun God Ra and all the vital energy he brings us.

We're not religious people and surely the Ancient Egyptians got a lot wrong but maybe they were onto something here...

All hail Ra. 



  • 100% Cotton - Stonewashed
  • OEKO-TEX Certified
  • Embroidered with responsibly sourced Rayon in the UK
  • Constructed in China
  • One Size fits all, adjustable strap fastening

Please note that each garment has a unique finish due to the nature of the stone -washing process and so may be slightly different from the images shown.

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