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6 Panel - Scirocco (Azul)

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Size: One Size
Color: Azul



Hurricane-force summer winds blow across the Sahara. Bending and twisting palm trees and causing rain the colour of blood as red dust engulfed in Northern Africa is carried across the Mediterranean and dumped on Southern Europe. 

Sirocco or (Scirocco) is believed to find its origins in the Arabic شروق šurūq which means East, approximately where these winds begin. 

Sirocco winds with speeds of up to 100 km are most common during March and November. They reach their peak in Spring and Autumn when conditions become increasingly hot across Northern Africa. 


  • 100% Cotton
  • OEKO-TEX Certified
  • Embroidered with responsibly sourced Rayon in the UK
  • Constructed in China
  • One Size fits all, adjustable strap fastening

Please note that each garment has a unique finish due to the nature of the stone washing process and so maybe slightly different from the images shown.