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6 Panel Cap - Altjiranga

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Size: One Size
Color: Bush Green



Altjiranga mitjina 

(Aranda, Australia)

The timeless dimensions of dreams

Here, the boundaries between reality and dreams blur, and the timeless dimensions of the subconscious take hold.

Altjiranga Mitjina, in the heart of Aranda, is the gateway to a world beyond time and space

Sometimes referred to as Upper Arrernte, Aranda is a dialect cluster in the Arandic language group spoken in parts of the Northern Territory, Australia, by the Arrernte people.

The Aranda language, also known as Upper Arrernte, is a group of dialects within the Arandic language family, spoken by the Arrernte people in regions of the Northern Territory, Australia


  • 100% Cotton
  • OEKO-TEX Certified
  • Embroidered with responsibly sourced Rayon in the UK
  • Constructed in China
  • One Size fits all, adjustable strap fastening

Please note that each garment has a unique finish due to the nature of the stone-washing process and so it may be slightly different from the images shown.